Friday, 10 August 2007


The whole point of this blog is to discuss every single pony fictional book that the Pullein-Thompsons wrote. Eventually I hope to have a website.

If you are unsure who the Pullein-Thompsons are: check out the Wikipedia article.

I am a greatest fan of the sisters, in fact I own all of Diana's pony fictional books, and as of now, missing 8 from Josephine and 12 (one of those I am waiting for) of Christine's. My actual want list is slightly bit longer, but that is because I want to replace some of mine with certain editions, so that they fit nicer with the shelf.

Occasionally I will write about other authors that are on my bookshelf, but it will be always about pony books.

Now for about me. I am 26 year old female, living in North East Wales (that is in the UK). I collect pony books, the only non horse/pony related books are about Rhyl, and the Harry Potter series. Oh and I have the Kim and Aggie's Book on Household Management, but that was given to me last Christmas. I started reading all my pony books last December, and so far I havent finished them!! I have a fair way to go, the books take up 4 shelves, and I have only done one!! I havent finished all the PT's (Pullein-Thompson's), but I have 4 to go (excluding any new ones I get). Though I have taken a break to finish the last HP book.

I dont work for a publishing company (or any book related company), so any opinions are purely my own. I welcome comments, as I know that there is a lot of pony book collectors like myself.

I also collect other pony related items, I will leave that for another post.