Saturday, 25 August 2007

Review: DIANA - A Pony For Sale

I must admit that there was no logic to choosing this book. This week I have been contending with some stupid, no rather incompetent, people who have been installing a new central heating system. Despite being told that it would take 3 days (Thursday was the day it was due to be finished), I am still sitting here with unfinished work. Thankfully I did not pay for the work (nor the system) otherwise I would be asking for some of my money back. Not to mention the toilet seat being broken in the process and my indoors only cat being let out numerous times. Anyway the consequence of all this work meant that I had to put all the books away (during which a hard back book fell on my head from the top shelf. It hurt - I blame the horses in the book!) and so I grabbed any Diana book so I could write a review.

The blurb reads (taken from the one with the photographic cover):-

"Steady, steady," I whispered, but Martini book into a canter. And then a terrible thing happened; a dog ran out of some bushes, sending Martini into a frenzy of fear. She plunged forward, snatching wildly at the reins and throwing me onto her neck. I grabbed the mane as she broke into a gallop. "Please stop. Please, Martini. Whoa, whoa, steady," I pleaded.

But it was no use. I was being run away with, and there was absolutely nothing I could do....

The photographic edition is not illustrated. However the first edition (illustrated cover) is illustrated by Sheila Rose.

A Pony for Sale is one that I quite enjoy. It is an interesting tale about a pony and the 4 riders she endures (written from the rider's point of view). Interestingly for the PT's her first rider is a male, something that is not common in many pony books. Like most ponies in life, the riders are good and bad, but it shows you the importance of never selling a pony to someone you have doubts about. There isnt any incidences of starvation, but one owner is rather succumbed to rapping her.

All in all it is an very good book, the issues raised in this one are still relevant today as it was in 1951 (when this book was originally published), and it hasnt lost it's charm. Although thankfully rapping is not as commonplace, but it does raise awareness about how the nicest and best schooled of ponies can fall into the wrong hands.

Also, thanks to everyone who has emailed me about comments re:my blog.